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When should i apply for marriage license and do i need witnesses?

im getting married on halloween of this year. even though to some it may seem a bit off, its coming up fast. when should my fiance and i apply for the marriage license? how long will it take for us to get it and do we need witnesses to sign it? oh, and i live and getting married in oklahoma :P thanks bunches!When should i apply for marriage license and do i need witnesses?
the county clerks office is where i got mine and yes you do need a witness. You need to go the county clerks with both your husbands id and yours and i believe birth certificates Too You both need to be there.


How did the common law marriage, read before 1989?

Is there any other known laws listed before 1989 on common law marriages?How did the common law marriage, read before 1989?
Common Law Marriage

Common law marriage is permitted in a minority of states. To be defined as a common law marriage within the states listed below, the two parties must: agree that they are married, live together, and hold themselves out as husband and wife. Common-law marriage is generally a non-ceremonial relationship that requires ';a positive mutual agreement, permanent and exclusive of all others, to enter into a marriage relationship, cohabitation sufficient to warrant a fulfillment of necessary relationship of man and wife, and an assumption of marital duties and obligations.'; Black's Law Dictionary 277 (6th ed. 1990).

Before modern domestic relations statutes, couples became married by a variety of means that developed from custom. These became the elements of a ';common-law marriage,'; or a marriage that arose by operation of law through the parties' conduct, instead of through a ceremony. In many ways, the theory of common-law marriage is one of estoppel - meaning that parties who have told the world they are married should not be allowed to claim that they are not married in a dispute between the parties themselves.

Currently, only 10 states (Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Iowa, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas) and the District of Columbia recognize common-law marriages contracted within their borders. In addition, five states have ';grandfathered'; common law marriage, allowing those established before a certain date to be recognized. New Hampshire recognizes common law marriage only for purposes of probate, and Utah recognizes common law marriages only if they have been validated by a court or administrative order.


New Hampshire 鲁


Ohio 4

District of Columbia

Oklahoma5 (Okla. Stat. Ann. tit. 43, 搂 1)


Pennsylvania (23 Penn. Cons. Stat. 搂 1103)

Idaho 虏

Rhode Island

Iowa (Iowa Code Ann. 搂. 595.11)

South Carolina

Kansas 8

Texas 6 (Tex. Fam. Code Ann. 搂 2.401)

Montana (Mont. Code Ann. 搂 26-1-602, 40-1-403)

Utah7(Utah Code Ann.搂 30-1-4.5)

Only for common law marriages formed before January 1, 1997 (1996 Georgia Act 1021).

Only for common law marriages formed before January 1, 1996 (Idaho Code 搂 32-201).

Common law marriages effective only at death. (N.H. Rev. Stat. Ann 搂 457:39).

Only for common law marriages formed before October 10, 1991 (Lyons v. Lyons 621 N.E. 2d 718 (Ohio App. 1993)).

Only for common law marriage formed before November 1, 1998. (1998 Okla. SB 1076).

Texas calls it an ';informal marriage,'; rather than a common-law marriage. Under 搂 2.401 of the Texas Family Code, an informal marriage can be established either by declaration (registering at the county courthouse without having a ceremony), or by meeting a 3-prong test showing evidence of (1) an agreement to be married; (2) cohabitation in Texas; and (3) representation to others that the parties are married. A 1995 update adds an evidentiary presumption that there was no marriage if no suit for proof of marriage is filed within two years of the date the parties separated and ceased living together.

Administrative order establishes that it arises out of a contract between two consenting parties who: (a) are capable of giving consent; (b) are legally capable of entering a solemnized marriage; (c) have cohabited; (d) mutually assume marital rights, duties, and obligations; and (e) who hold themselves out as and have acquired a uniform and general reputation as husband and wife. The determination or establishment of such a marriage must occur during the relationship or within one year following the termination of that relationship.

Kansas law prohibits recognition of common law marriage if either party is under 18 years of age. (2002 Kan. Sess. Laws, SB 486, 搂23-101).

Because the doctrine of common law marriage developed prior to the advent of modern domestic relations statutes, in some states the law exists in case law rather than legislation. (For example: Piel v. Brown, 361 So. 2d 90, 93 (Ala. 1978); Deter v. Deter, 484 P.2d 805, 806 (Colo. Ct. App. 1971); Johnson v. Young, 372 A.2d 992, 994 (D.C. 1977); Smith v. Smith, 161 Kan. 1, 3, 165 P.2d 593, 594 (1946); Sardonis v. Sardonis, 106 R.I. 469, 472, 261 A.2d 22, 23 (1970); Johnson v. Johnson, 235 S.C. 542, 550, 112 S.E.2d 647, 651 (1960)).

Tennessee has employed a doctrine of ';estoppel to deny marriage.'; See Note, Informal Marriages in Tennessee - Marriage by Estoppel, by Prescription and by Ratification, 3 VAND. L. REV. 610, 614-15 (1950).

Many states have abolished common-law marriage by statute, because common-law marriage was seen as encouraging fraud and condoning vice, debasing conventional marriage, and as no longer necessary with increased access to clergy and justices of the peace. (For example: Cal. Civ. Code 搂 4100; N.Y. Dom. Rel. Law 搂 11 ; Furth v. Furth, 133 S.W. 1037, 1038-39 (Ark. 1911); Owens v. Bentley, 14 A.2d 391, 393 (Del. Super. 1940); Milford v. Worcester, 7 Mass. 48 (1910)).

Among those states that permit a common-law marriage to be contracted, the elements of a common-law marriage vary slightly from state to state. The indispensable elements are (1) cohabitation and (2) ';holding out.'; ';Holding out'; means that the parties tell the world that they are husband and wife through their conduct, such as the woman's assumption of the man's surname, filing a joint federal income tax return, etc. This means that mere cohabitation cannot, by itself, rise to the level of constituting a marriage. Of course, many disputes arise when facts (such as intentions of the parties or statements made to third parties) are in controversy.

The United States Constitution requires every state to accord ';Full Faith and Credit'; to the laws of its sister states. Thus, a common-law marriage that is validly contracted in a state where such marriages are legal will be valid even in states where such marriages cannot be contracted and may be contrary to public policy.

There is no such thing as common-law divorce. Once parties are married, regardless of the manner in which their marriage is contracted, they are married and can only be divorced by appropriate means in the place where the divorce is granted. That means, in all 50 states, only by a court order.How did the common law marriage, read before 1989?
I think it was 6 years and a child together in OHIO ,I don't know if it applies today

What do you think is the most important ingredient in a good marriage?

love and commitment. if you love a person you attempt to put their needs and feelings before your own. you think of their happiness and you try to do what you can to make that a reality for them. commitment because you will have to be committed to work at it and not give up. people take marriage too lightly because it has lost its sense of permanence. marriages that have lasted for 30 years are that way because they have made the decision that they would work on making it work. you also need to try to date your spouse. remember when you first met and you got those butterflies in your stomach or you held out her chair and opened the door for her. ladies put on that sexy lingerie when he was coming over. now you aren't gonna do that every day but trust me in a marriage it will be appreciated even if every once and a while. the most important thing in a good marriage is to like your significant other and treat them as if they are significant. steal away and sit back and enjoy the little things. it will go a long way. enjoy. listen even if you have to fake interest, i cant tell you how many boring conversations i've had about my man's job and his day, but i seemed engaged and he felt heard. and try to have a good time. when you enjoy each other it makes like so much more worth living.路 What do you think is the most important ingredient in a good marriage?
cinnamon. Next would probably be almond flavoring, and then butter just to keep it all together.

Now I'm hungry.路 What do you think is the most important ingredient in a good marriage?
laughter and comprimise
two i think. integrity and trust.
true love
to tell each other everything and to share the good times and bad times
Love,respect,trust,humour,and a little humility.
Lots of love, honour, respect and of course great sex!
Trust and of course love.
Definately trust and laughter but trust first
mutual respect and understanding of each others needs etc etc
fun and laughter. When that goes, your doomed!
selflessness and trust
You have to be able to put up with your partners bad habits and annoying moments and come out smiling.
Trust, companionship, respect and a common goal.
Trust and Honesty
Friendship (and all that it entails)
COMMUNICATION, committment to common goals, compromise
Communication, I think, is more important than anything. I've seen this happen--I had a friend who was dating a girl, and they loved each other a LOT. They were faithful, they laughed a lot--and from what I hear, the sex was good. But they had a tendency to talk to us--the friends--about the relationship rather than to each other, and it was doomed. You have to talk to each other. End point.
Love .. everything else mentioned will follow.
deep love
passion and loyalty and love . . . duh


brains and looks
To be compatible and trust each other too.
Loyalty and to work as a team and not as though you are still single as that is when the cracks begin to show.

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  • How does Shakespeare treat Romeo and Juliet? (in the aspect of family, marriage, feuds, duels etc.)?

    How does Shakespeare treat death in Romeo and Juliet? Frame your answer in terms of legal, moral, familial, and personal issues.How does Shakespeare treat Romeo and Juliet? (in the aspect of family, marriage, feuds, duels etc.)?
    Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy written early in the career of William Shakespeare about two teenage ';star-cross'd lovers'; whose untimely deaths ultimately unite their feuding families.

    In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare employs several dramatic techniques that have garnered praise from critics. Chief among them intense shifts between comedy and tragedy, like the punning exchange between Romeo and Mercutio just before Tybalt arrives. Before Mercutio's death in Act three, the play is largely a comedy.

    After his accidental demise, the play suddenly becomes serious and takes on a tragic tone. When Romeo is banished, rather than executed, and Friar Lawrence offers Juliet a plan to reunite her with Romeo, the audience can still hope that all will end well. They are in a ';breathless state of suspense'; by the opening of the last scene in the tomb: If Romeo is delayed long enough for the Friar to arrive, he and Juliet may yet be saved.[37] These shifts from hope to despair, reprieve, and new hope, serve to emphasise the tragedy when the final hope fails and both the lovers die at the end.

    Shakespeare also uses sub-plots to offer a clearer view of the actions of the main characters. For example, when the play begins, Romeo is in love with Rosaline, who has refused all of his advances. Romeo's infatuation with her stands in obvious contrast to his later love for Juliet. This provides a comparison through which the audience can see the seriousness of Romeo and Juliet's love and marriage. Paris' love for Juliet also sets up a contrast between Juliet's feelings for him and her feelings for Romeo. The formal language she uses around Paris, as well as the way she talks about him to her Nurse, show that her feelings clearly lie with Romeo. Beyond this, the sub-plot of the Montague鈥揅apulet feud overarches the whole play, providing an atmosphere of hate that is the main contributor to the play's tragic end.

    Also for ';Complete'; details , check the following Link:鈥?/a>


    Hope that helps a bit, Goodluck


    What is the main reason marriage is failing more and more as time goes on?

    The divorce rate just keeps climbing... do you believe in marriage.. what reasons do you think are behind this that didn't exist before. What is the main reason marriage is failing more and more as time goes on?
    I think its a combination of things:

    1. its very easy to get a divorce (no fault divorce is a few hundred bucks)

    2.there's a lot of temptations (like computer dating, co-workers, urban environment, losser clothes on women, happy hours)

    3. there's a lot of me, me, me first attitude aka selfishness (I don't need you; there's always someone else attitude.)

    4. there's no financial dependence for women as they are able to get own jobs now (which is great for equality and womens rights no doubt, but terrible for the male pysche and family time)

    5. nobody wants to sacrifice anything....everybody wants the easy way out...just look at american idol, who wants to be a millionare, who wants to marry a millionare

    6. the religious component to marriage has vanished (as gays are getting married now, the priests are hanging out w/ little boys, and hardly anyone goes to church or cares about sin)

    7. lots of sexual experimentation before marriage nowadays

    (has led to much greater emphasis on sexual satisfaction) and also a much greater interest in lust and wanting to try new things/ new people etcWhat is the main reason marriage is failing more and more as time goes on?
    Climbing rate itself is the biggest reason for it's climbing.

    It's so common nowadays, that even 14 yrs old are aware of this and how it is done and it's short term benefits(going out again to have sex). Children out of a divorce would have no knowledge of how to sustain a relationship but would be aware of what legal document needed to apply divorce. Tell me if i'm wrong...........

    People today no longer want to compromise on any ground to keep their marriage going, instead like the idea of their colleague/friend/relative to get out of the relationship and find somebody else. I'm not sure how would this person be able to keep their next marriage forever?????

    It's so easy to get divorce today, just live separate for 1 yr and the marriage is over by law. It's ridiculous....No question ask from applicant, no acceptance needed from respondent.

    If the law wouldn't change i'm sure, day is not far that people will end their marriage like how people end their one night stands and look for someone new next day.
    Because the man's package is shrinking and failing more and more as time goes on.

    To be serious. Commitment is no longer a word that has meaning. Too many get married and expect their happiness to be provided by their partner. True spirituality level is excluded and replaced by material stuffs. People tend to look for bond outside of the marriage : threesome, swinging, porn etc. Discrimination against the man whose earning is not strong even if he has a good, firm family value: money talks. Lack of support for the spouse. So much money freedom from the woman brings up this reasoning in difficult time: Do I need you? Yes! I believe in marriage.
    I think it's cause divorce is too easy. It's also more socially acceptable to get a divorce. I think couples have problems and give up to easy because they know that they can just get a divorce. I do believe in marriage as i am married and i stand by the vows that my husband and i recited. For better or worse you stand by one another.

    However there are some exceptions...infidelity, criminal behaviour etc.
    People just have sex too quickly now. They start the relationship having sex. This numbs them to the real person because they are now emotionally attached and mostlikely overlooking all the signs that say this is not the right one. They don't take the time to really get to know someone......

    What are their spiritual beliefs - Do we have the same spiritual beliefs

    How do they feel about kids

    How well do they get along with their family

    How do they handle adversity - death of a loved one

    Are they prone to depression

    Do they have good spending habits / are they good stewards

    What do they expect from a husband/wife

    Do they have a bad temper

    Are they abusive

    There are a TON of other questions that should be answered before getting married but we don't do that for fear of really finding out without a shadow of a doubt that this is NOT the one.

    Usually, these are the things we find out AFTER we've moved in and got ourselves in over our heads. Wedding hasn't even happened yet.

    Then we marry and expect it all to change and magically line up with our ideal situation only to be let down and decide it's not worth working at it - they move out and get a divorce.

    Bottom line, people need to get to know each other more WITHOUT having sex. Once you know for sure this is the one.....get married, get your freak on and enjoy the land.

    Be blessed.

    Deep time proven friendship must be part of any romantic relationship to endure time. Most get married for the thrill, for sex, to have someone they can call a spouse, to cook and do their laundry, but not as a life partner,. Many try it out to see what happens. Many people do not get it. Deep caring friendship as the boilerplate is essential To last.
    spouses need to communicate with eachother more than anything to maintain a strong relationship! if they aren't 100% honest with eachother, that's what makes the marriage fall appart. I'm not old enough to know that 1st hand, but I'm not stupid and I do know what I'm talking about!
    theres only one thing that could really kill a marriage, and that's betrayal, when betrayal happens, self worth leaves, and u don't see your spouse as your love anymore. once the ego gets involved, and your hurt, its over with. even loving them can't bring it back.
    the reason the divorce rate keeps going up is related to the housing crisis in the united states. people want more and they are willing to take a risk. this reflects on the relationship.

    I feel the problem is people are just never satisfied with who they chose to be there life partner. Some should just stay single because there are too many of the other sex out there to have sex.

    Sex. Is the biggest problem.
    Well for one more people are cheating on their spouse. There is a website cheating on your spouse, so wrong. A lack of communication. Where always busy so theres no time for some people and there spouse.
    Many people get married for all the wrong reasons in the first place. A lot of marriages are doomed before they start.
    A lack of communication, the economy, not enough sex...
    money is the problem of all broken marriages
    my wifes sex drive

    Why do some people think marriage necessary before having children?

    I just don't understand why people are still hung up on people being married before they have kids. Do you feel this way? Why do some people think is necessary? Do people honestly think just because two people are married they somehow make better parents? In a world where it is uncommon to actually wait to have sex until marriage--why does it matter?Why do some people think marriage necessary before having children?
    as someone who has raised one child and halfway through 2 more, my experience has been that you NEED a female and a male to raise well-rounded healthy children. (of course there are a few exceptions) I have 3 boys- when they were little, they preferred they grow older, they rely on dad more. As i am not a man, there is no way i can answer ';guy'; questions, offer insight into why men do what they do, personal stuff involving men, etc. (same reason why dads don't usually give the period/sex/birth control talks!)

    Most of all, though, children learn how to develop relationships based on what they see from us... How will your daughters learn how to treat a man without a dad? How would sons know how to treat ladies if there is no mom around? You would have to do triple duty picking up the slack... and most people fall short, as evidenced by single parent families w/ problem kids.

    In my humble opinion, parents do children a monumental disservice by bringing them into this harsh world and not being around for them. Because of this, you shouldn't have sex with someone you wouldn't want to share parenting with!Why do some people think marriage necessary before having children?
    having married parents shows a child committment and stability. While it is not uncommmon for people to is nice to be able to know that the child was joined in a real bond.

    There are exceptions to all rules..but any research you ';google'; will show you that a child brought up in a two parent home feels better about themselves and is more successful.

    Also...while you are how difficult it is financially for a woman to raise a child alone. Very expensive.

    Marriage is good for kids. Not popular thought I know...just true.

    That doesn't mean kids can't do well without married parents, it is just BETTER.
    I think if you can't make a commitment to stay together till death do you part, how can you make a commitment to raise a child together? Believe it or not, I think people are more likely to walk away from a relationship when it's not a marriage. Children deserve the stability of their parents being married.

    Now that being said, I don't think people who are married are better parents. there are so many people who are in bad marriages. As for your comment about the state of the world or the US; just because it's so rare for people to wait until marriage to have sex, doesn't make that right!

    I'll also mention that I'm a 25 year old single mom (and a pretty good one) of 5 year old twin boys. I married their father when they were 1, and separated from him last year. My kids' dad no longer shows any significant commitment to our kids.
    That's the reason we have so many problems today! Children need the example of 2 loving parents who work together to raise them in a loving and healthy environment and teach them right and wrong. Of course there are times when there are single parents and they make very good parents, and they do a wonderful job, but the children will miss out on something if they do not have the example of both mother and father. Men and women are different and children learn different things from both of them.

    Marriage is does matter!
    I don't know, personally, I can't imagine having sex with someone I'm not married to in the first place. I'm so thankful I waited until marriage to have sex and so did my husband. We are so lucky to have found each other. To me, sex is something so precious and valuable - not to be given to someone you hardly know and proably won't talk to forever. I wanted to have sex with my soul mate, the person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. And fortunately, I have found that. I think people just go out and have sex with people they hardly know or don't even know what their first name is, and end up pregnant. Is that a good stable home for a baby? No way. But I know everyone is different and everyone has their own set of values. This is just my opinion. But my heart cringes knowing how many kids have parents who are aren't together, who fight all the time, etc. Not to mention how many people don't even know who their father is. I think that's horrible.
    i think it is because it is so important to have both parents in the same house raising the child together, also the it makes it harder for the father of the child to bolt when they are married, if they do get a divorce, they have to pay child support.
    Marriage is a social relationship... it create a sence of security %26amp; responsibility over our partner %26amp; our child. We can hav child without marriage... bt it may not make you or your partner feel responsible towards eachother. No doubt that love is also a factor, bt marriage makes it more strong.

    So i say.. no kids without marriage..
    I know for me it's biblical in that premarital sex is blatantly condemned by the bible. If it wasn't for that though, I agree with you. I think that some people make better parents as just friends than some parents do as marriage mates. Personally I'd rather hand-pick a father for my child, one who wants the child as much as I do, as opposed to getting married and then after having kids getting divorced so my kids only see their dad every other weekend.
    I think it is noones business if they are married or not. I think it is rude to answer a question on ttc with ';well get married first'; Being maried had nothing to do with it. It is all about SEX. get it right. Thanks for asking this question.
    If it feels right to you then do it. Who cares what anyone else thinks!
    b/c people like to criticize others

    it's not necessary, but it's easier to care for kids if you have 2 people involved.

    if you are w/ someone and you just don't want to get married (or legally can't), i don't think it poses a problem, unless the kids think one of the parents will walk out any minute.

    look at goldie hawn %26amp; kirk douglas
    I believe the best family for a child is two parents to be in a committed relationship. They may or may not be married but they do need to understand that this is for the long haul.

    Now, remember, everyone out there who may take offense. I did say this is my opinion (not fact) and that I said I think it is the best situation, not the only good one. Crap happens in any relationship, committed or not and the kids usually pay. But i feel that the committed relationship gives them a good solid foundation.
    well people can make that decision because of religion or maybe they find it more appropriate to just wait till marriage
    It depends on your belief. In an ideal situation, only married ppl are allowed to have kids. Marriage isn't an anyhow thing. The man and the woman must be responsible and love each other, and when this exists, the children have no choice but to grow into responsible ppl.

    I want to correct that marriage wasn't made primarily for child rearing(lol). It was instituted for companionship as it was in Genesis (u should understand this if u are a christian). Majority of those who are single parents really desire the companionship of a mate, though they claim not to. To have a fulfilled family, a genuine marrige is necessary. That is my belief.
    The reason premarital sex is so common is because a lot of people have the attitude that it is ok and they pass that belief onto their children. It is called perpetuating the cycle. If more parents would teach their children that sex before marriage is inappropriate then maybe children would stop being so promiscuous.

    Also if two people are together as parents why not get married? If you are already living the life why not just do it. It seems to me like its just a cop out to make it easier to leave if things get rough. What sort of example does it set for children if their parents tell them they shouldn't have sex before marriage but aren't married themselves.

    I'm not trying to be holier than thou. I didn't wait until I was married to have sex, but I haven't ever had sex with anyone but my husband. So at least on some level I won't be a hypocrite when I tell my daughter she should only have sex with her husband.
    It sets a good example to the children. Children model their lives after the adults in their lives. If they see commitment, it gives them a sense of security that you wouldn't find in a home where perhaps daddy is someone different every few years. That, in turn, sets them up to see marriage as beneficial in life. Married people may not make better individual parents, but they do make it easier one each parent by having a supporting partner to turn to when things get rough.

    When people say that we live in a world where this or that is uncommon, my first thought is: are you really all that impressed with this world? It's violent and unstable. Love takes a back seat to success, power, money鈥?these aren't things that make your life better. The ';it's acceptable by our society'; argument is the worst I've ever heard.

    Ask any child of divorce or any child of unmarried, parents that aren't still together if they'd rather have had married, committed parents. I don't think you'll get many to say they'd preferred it that way.
    Well, believe alot of it has to do with maturity and commitment. Some people are raised to believe in certain ways of life and accept those ways. Married or not has nothing to do with being a good parent. However, stability, maturity and commitment do. I know quite a few people who have children but really needed a life guard in the gene pool. Parenting is hard and not a decision that should be taken lightly. My opinion is. If you are not in a good enought relationship to make the commitment of marraige, then you should not be even considering children. Children are a lot bigger commitment than marraige and there is no divorcing them.

    There are way too many single parents in the world today and most of them are burdens on the system because of lower income levels and education levels. Not all mind you..but most.
    It mostly involves the moral issue of having sex before marriage. Otherwise I dont know if it makes a childs environment more stable if you are married or not. I know a lot of people who aren't married who raise great kids.

    it's all a matter of opinion and everyone has one!
    It provides for a more stable environment.

    And both parents have made a legal commitment to the relationship, and the child.

    People feel that, all other things being equal, it's better for the child.

    Love is necessary, but showing it - by committing - is important too.

    Actions, as well as words.

    That's the theory.
    This is an old tradition. For me personally, I couldn't imagine being a single mother. I love having the support of my husband and the role model he is to my children. However, I have friends with children that live with their boyfriend/girlfriend and they are happy not being married.
    Well they have a name for kids of unmarried parents: bastards.
    I think its a good idea because it shows a bigger committment between the parents. A lot of unmarried couples will split up later on (not that married people dont get divorced). But a marriage is a more stable relationship and it offers more protection to the child (paternity will not have to be established if child support becomes an issue). Also it is nice to be a family not a boyfriend and girlfriend who have a child together. I personally hate to hear ';My baby's daddy or my baby's momma';.
    I think it is a good idea for people to be married before they have kids. It shows that they are ready to commit to each other before bringing life into this world. I don't think it neccesarily makes people better parents if they are married, obviously it doesn't because there is so much divorce involving children. Ultimately, it is really the couple's decision. I think if there is love and trust in a relationship and the couple feels like it is OK then you are right, it doesn't matter.
    I think its a good idea, too many single mothers. If they were married they'd be sure they loved each other and the child would have two parents. I have a child and am not married and i'm going to marry her mother when i have enough money. I would have prefered to be married first though
    I agree with you my boyfriend %26amp; I have been together for about 4 years. We have one child together %26amp; I have 3 from previous relationship %26amp; he has one from previous relationship (all together we have 5 children). We already live together %26amp; are in the process of buying a house. We make all our purchases together, pay bills together, etc. We are now planning on getting married in September of 2007, just because we want to not because anyone else wants us to.

    Some people would say that we have done everything backwards, having kids %26amp; living like we are married without actually being married. But it works for us %26amp; we like our life. I think everyone is entitled to do things %26amp; live their life the way that suits them best %26amp; everyone else should butt out as far as critizing other people who don't do it ';the right way';.
    If 2 people are committed on all levels and mature adults, I see no reason to definitely make it legal...but there are other things that do come into play. If an unmarried couple breaks up, there are not as many legal protection factors (communal property for example)

    If a married couple acquires items during a marriage, it means those items belong to both parties. It does not mean that if there is no legal marriage I believe and in turn can cause many problems that in turn effect children. Unmarried couples may also have issues if one of the partners gets ill. I know a couple who had kids before marriage and the mother had to have a serious surgery. Her partner had limited rights because they were not they got married!
    yeah I saw their around 34 answers and I think I have some thing about that , its not good if who couldn't able to looking for a family and after only a Short minute feeling of sex made some wrong stuff around all life . and other way if your just wanna try please don't follow Satan . do you know AIDS that is from Satan presents for dump people so before your not ready for looking for a family don't have any sex its up to self of person who wanna get it before marry or after marry but one ring is you should know clearly that you will to be a dad or mam for a child after your enjoy the well sex its not a game .
    I don't know. I got married to my husband because I was pregnant and that has just caused us problems... not that I don't want to be committed.... I just wasn't ready to be married.

    We now have some problems, and are trying to find ways to make things work. I think it would have been simpler to let things take their course, and had us actually get married when we were ready....

    To your question though... the reason why we got married and it became important was family pressure. My parents thought that my son wouldn't be accepted into the eyes of the Lord unless we were married. We aren't Christian, but I think we both caved into family pressures.

    It's not a good answer... but it's the truth. *sigh*

    (And this is why we want a baby sitter, LOL. I think right now, especially after moving we need some time out. We have never used a sitter before... but we are running out of options and we haven't had any time with just us in a year.... We both love our son, but it's becoming apparent, we need to work on ourselves a little as a couple too right now.)
    It is a big deal and very necessary. Firstly, because the bible says so and it is very sad that sex is so common outside of marriage. Secondly, having the bond of marriage is a lot harder to get out of then just walking out of the house. Thirdly, marriage shows your children that they are completely committed to their spouse and most of all their kids. Fourthly (if this is even a word??), marriage, in my experience, is what solidifies a child's well being and shows them that love, through their parent's marriage, is how life should be.

    I wish more parents actually practiced this. :)
    I did not even know that they do.

    What happens in an Islamic marriage ceremony?

    My partner and I would like to marry. She is from Lebanon, and is a Christian, am I. Her mother is a devout Muslim, who has expressed to me that she cannot consent to our marriage unless I convert to Islam. She does not seem to acknowledge that her daughters (both of them) converted to Christianity a number of years ago. I would like to please her, and yet I cannot renounce my Christianity. What would be expected of me if I participate in a Muslim ceremony?What happens in an Islamic marriage ceremony?
    she's right because in Islam a Muslim girl is not allowed to marry a man from different religion so he needs to convert into Muslim

    and about the second part of the question

    there is two kinds of Muslims ceremony

    1) devout Muslims: put only a classic music and the pride doesn't dance except once with her husband

    while the for Muslims who don't mind listening to music and not ';devout'; they can put a usual music and the pride can danceWhat happens in an Islamic marriage ceremony?
    U can ask beter then everyone your partner. she can explain you very perfectly the ceremonial things of a marriage or daily things.
    well since we muslims believe in the same God Jesus believes in.... If you have a muslim sheik marry you and your fiance.. it will be in Gods eyes and with his blessings..

    Islamic marriage (the actual ceremony itself) isnt much. You, a couple of family members, usually her father or uncle, and 2 of your witnesses.. go before the sheik in the masjid and you say pretty much a simple version of some wedding vows that you will honor her under God for the rest of your married life to the best of your ability.. both say your vows, the witnesses sign the papers, the sheik does.. you and your wife do and thats about it..

    its the party afterwards that can vary with cultures.. I dont know how lebanese folks do it.. But I am from SaudiArabia..

    where men and women dont mix.. so we usually hire a huge wedding hall and the men are in one section, the women in the other.. It is a huge expensive party.. Hiring singers, musicians. hiring caterers... a photographer.. Everyone goes in the finest most best clothes they can manage.. The women dance, sing until the wee hours of the morning.. The men\'s side its pretty much boring, they usually (so my husband tells me) just shake hands with everyone, chat a bit,, eat a bit, then go home and wait till their women folks get tired call them to pick them up around 2-3am... loooooooooool...
    Love knows no boundaries..............

    Anyway, why must you participate in a muslim ceremony when you say your partner has converted to christianity??
    You simply cannot marry if she is cant convert for the sake of also has more to do with her wali, or male guardian....if you are both christian, do it whatever way you would, you cant have it both participate in a muslim ceremony you must make the declaration that you are muslim, u must Mean it.....i suggest you learn more about christianity and you will truly find Islam is the real solution, and answers all the questions that christianity simply raises.
    Well, if you are both christian, why bother to have an islamic marriage ceremony?

    I mean, it is sure that the muslim mother wants an islamic ceremony to please her, she is a muslim. You are not. Choose with your head. The sky won't fall on your head if you decide to have a christian ceremony and you won't burn in hell like many muslims will try to sell you.

    What is more important to you? Please you or your mother-in-law?
    U cant coz ur christian. You have to declare ur conversion first.

    The muslims marraige ceromony is realy simple.

    A contract between the bride's father and the groom is signed . A verbal contract is accebtable but usualy a written one is needed for legal purposes with the existence of two male witnesses. A dowry ( Maher) usualy monetry is given to the bride.

    Divorce is permited in Islam.